Idiya All purpose Kolkata chair x4pcs


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Product Information
Looking for the perfect piece of furniture that’s well-suited for both indoor and outdoor use?
You can’t go wrong with the All-purpose Kolkata Chair.

Celebrate your sitting experience unfettered with the open feel of this classic, retro industrial
armchair. Wittingly combining plastic construction and groovy style, this chair features a vintage
vibe yet makes a contemporary statement all the same. The curvy shape of its back allows an
airiness, while the arch of the seat promises comfort and ease for anyone who sits on it.

At an affordable price, the All-Purpose Kolkata Chair will give you the greatest company you’ve ever
imagined. It comes in four (4) pieces and is best suited for use in your kitchen and dining room, family
room, living room, bedroom, porch or patio.

What’s more, you can easily reinvent your surroundings as much as you like, for this versatile and a
ll-purpose ergonomics chair will blend with any decorating theme. Its chic and kooky design
is upnaralleled, along with its durable and resilient material that will last you for years.

Product Material
PP plastic

Product Dimensions

Additional information
Weight 10.0 kg
Dimensions 50 × 46 × 82 cm


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