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Pattaya Royal Blue Color Adjustable Relief Massage and Salon Stool


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It’s time to feel fancy schmancy with the Pattaya Adjustable Relief Massage and Salon Stool in royal blue.

This high-quality and adjustable rolling stool is lightweight and easy to store. Ideal for your home or massage practises, this piece of furniture features a plush 3-inch seat cushion, 460mm – 600mm height range and five premium castor anti-slip wheels. Plus, it is comfortable and attractive, providing you with a fun and enjoyable massage experience, especially if you perform bodywork techniques in a seated position. Sliding to and from your massage table or chair has never been so effortless!

Beyond being a beaut, the Pattaya Royal Blue Adjustable Relief Massage and Salon Stool also serves the purpose of being an excellent stool for anyone who visits your humble abode. Its massage features are truly a must-have for your daily de-stress sessions. It also helps set a leisurely mood that will make you feel relaxed at any time, any day. Plus, its colour will add a calming ambience to your bach or home.

The Pattaya Adjustable Relief Massage and Salon Stool also comes in other colour variants, such as black, cream, burgundy, pink and purple. There are genuinely no losses with this classic piece. Leave your friends and family impressed with a warm and cosy furniture upgrade on their next visit.

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Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 60 cm


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